Action Design Miami: Designing for Employee Action and Accountability

In partnership with Action Design Miami

Ever been challenged by chaos, lack of tools, focus, or accountability at work? Most of us have likely encountered these challenges in our working lives.

How can leaders and employees design approaches to better prioritize focus on moments that truly matter? How might we design our organizations so everyone is aware of opportunities for improvement and engaged in driving cultural and operational change?

Key Lime Interactive’s founder Ania Rodriguez will introduce us to how we can use Employee Journey Maps to motivate employees and create a culture of accountability. She will walk us through the high level process of creating journey maps and offer practical techniques on how capturing behaviors, actions and behavioral triggers (e.g. BJ Fogg’s model) is key to the success of behavioral changes.

In this talk we will:

+  Learn about Journey Mapping.

+  Get an overview on how to create both lean and
research-based Journey Maps.

+  Learn about how to measure change using Journey Maps.

When & Where
Tue, Jun 14, 2016 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
WYNCODE at The LAB Miami
400 NW 26th St
Miami, FL 33127