Draft & Draw

Brian Butler, a Miami based illustrator, designer, and muralist, will kick off the evening before helping you draw all over the tables! Tickets are on sale now! ($25 – includes welcome package, beer, and pizza) Join us Friday, September 20 from 7–10pm at 1691 Michigan Ave. More at draftanddraw.com

About Draft & Draw, the organizer of this event:

Draft & Draw is an occasional gathering of those who draw, kicked off by a creative professional who shares the story of coping with their doodling habit. Everyone comes together for three hours of making new friends, drinking local brews (free), eating pizza (free), and drawing all over tables. In addition to a happy belly, you’ll go home with a custom print and pint glass containing artwork by our host, Brian Butler. This Miami edition of Draft & Draw is made possible by the generosity of our friends at Wix and AIGA Miami. We call New York City home, but we’re coming through South Florida thanks to Wix opening their doors to us.

About Brian Butler, the host for this event:

Brian Butler is a Miami based illustrator, designer and muralist. He fell into a design position at CP+B for several years, before perusing a freelance career as The Upper Hand Art, Inc. Somehow amidst these positions, Brian has built a reputable career in murals, design and illustration, and has collaborated with brands such as Vice, Target, Tumblr, Red Bull, Converse, Superfly, Madison House, The Miami Heat, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Music is central to his identity, and he’s drawn over 1700 live performances… while standing in the audience.

When & Where
Fri, Sep 20, 2019
1691 Michigan Ave
6th Floor
Miami, FL 33139