For the Love of Beer

Craft beer has become a local South Florida phenomenon. With recent openings of craft/micro breweries opening up in ft lauderdale, miami, and wynwood, there is a growing interest in beer varieties. In addition, passionate groups have formed to advance and aid the beer connoisseur. To touch upon this we invite you to For the Love of Beer, an event that marries craft beers with local creatives.

As designers we can all appreciate many of the labels on these craft beers that areĀ  expressive and creative.

We would invite all our members and local creatives to come out mingle, have a beer, and see the local talent throw it down.

Interested in taking part in the live illustrations the day of the event? Your beer will be on us, we just ask that you draw based on taste inspiration. We'll buy a a craft brew and see your imagination go.
Email us at

See you Tuesday. Cheers!



When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001