The Business of Design Part 1 with Business Coach Rhonda Page

Calling all freelancers, independent designers, and studios! If you’re looking to grow your design practice, we want to help you on that journey. We’re launching a Business of Design series, and our first event with business coach Rhonda Page is a great way to start the year.

Join us for The Business of Design Part 1 with Business Coach Rhonda Page – Tuesday, January 23rd, at WeWork Ponce de Leon (in Coral Gables). Rhonda will lead us through a discussion and interactive workshop called “The 5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Prospect Before You Even THINK about Meeting.” 

AIGA Members: $15 | Non-Members: $25

How excited are you get when you get a call from a prospect about a potential project? Do you set up the meeting right away? Some meetings turn into projects but, as you know too well, most meetings don’t… in fact, they are often a real waste of time. How great would it be to get more business spending less time in pointless meetings?

In this enlightening workshop, Rhonda will give you five specific questions to ask a prospect that will help you decide whether to take the next step or graciously walk away. This will be an interactive workshop where you’ll learn new ideas and then test them out to see how they work. You’ll also have the opportunity for live on the spot coaching from Rhonda.

What you will learn:

  • The TOP indicator that a prospect is going to be a waste of time.
  • The words to use to find out their budget or at least know if you’re in the same ballpark.
  • Simple steps to save hundreds of wasted hours on proposals.
  • A new way to think about sales that guarantees greater success.

About Rhonda Page: 

Rhonda started as a graphic designer and evolved to brand strategist and business development professional, bringing hundreds of thousands in new business to the design firms she worked with. She’s worked on the biggest global brands — for companies like Kraft and Coca-Cola and been mentored by the top graphic designers and branding gurus in the world including the renowned April Greiman. She’s lived in New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Vancouver. She now is a business coach and mentor to graphic designers. 

More about Rhonda:

Event graphics by Richard Chinchilla

When & Where
Tue, Jan 23, 2018 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST
WeWork Ponce de Leon
2222 Ponce De Leon Boulevard
Miami, FL 33134