PosterFest Submissions

AIGA Miami, in collaboration with the Wolfsonian FIU, and in partnership with Lotus House women’s shelter, invited designers to create a poster that helps educate the public in South Florida about the reality that homeless women face. Designers should strive to create compassion, challenge misconceptions, and motivate action around the issues of homelessness, particularly among women.

These twenty-four posters are the submissions from our design community in South Florida. Finalist designs will be displayed on the exterior of the Wolfsonian-FIU on Miami Beach on April 21st during the PosterFest event. The winning designer will be announced that evening and the poster will be used in the public to help raise awareness about the issue.

Adriana Tamayo

“+” by Adriana Tamayo


Sheila Elias

“Dreaming Of My Own Home” by Sheila Elias

@sheilaeliasart @sheila.elias

Nicole Beltran

“VICTORY” by Nicole Beltran


Samantha Hurtado

“Homeless Does Not Have One Face” by Samantha Hurtado


Kathleen R. O'Neill Schuler

“Thank You!” by Kathleen R. O’Neill Schuler

@KathleenR @kathleen.schuler.16

Tennille Shuster

“Not Invisible/Not Divisible” by Tennille Shuster


Peter Roman

“Hope Blossoms” by Peter Roman


Samantha Sanchez

“Be Productive” by Samantha Sanchez


David Gurr

“Not Her Fault” by David Gurr


Randy Fernandez

“Shelter” by Randy Fernandez


Annette M. Piskel

“Love Heals” by Annette M. Piskel


Alberto Solares

“Maze” by Alberto Solares

Lori Dunnigan

“New Landscape” by Lori Dunnigan


Maria T. Mancisidor

“Sleepless Everynight” by Maria T. Mancisidor


McKenzie Construction

“The Alley” by McKenzie Construction


Albena Petrus

“Wanted: Greathearted woman and child looking for a safe place to sleep” by Albena Petrus


Karla Martin

“Homeless, Not Hopeless” by Karla Martin

@kar1am @kar1am @kar1am

Nathalie Sandin

“A Monthly Struggle” by Nathalie Sandin


Mariana Pariani

“Here I am” by Mariana Pariani


Kristina Thomas

“Survive or Thrive” by Kristina Thomas

@kristinathomas @designbykristinathomas

Djeffane Ferdinand

“Untitled” by Djeffane Ferdinand


Jack Bagdadi

“Homeless, But Hopeful” by Jack Bagdadi


Danielle Ellis

“Saving Faces” by Danielle Ellis


Alissa Minnick

“That Feeling When” by Alissa Minnick


By AIGA Miami
Published April 15, 2018
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